The Remedies

There are 38 Bach Flower Remedies and a special combination for times of crisis, often called Rescue Remedy. This was devised by Dr Bach and consists of a combination of Clematis, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Rock Rose, and Star of Bethlehem.

Each remedy is associated with a basic emotion. For example, Wild Oat is for when we are ambitious to do something worthwhile in life, but lacking a sense of direction to achieve this.

Here is a list of all the remedies. Think about how you are feeling at the moment and find the remedy. Look at the positive potential and think if this is what you desire.

How are you feeling at the moment? Remedy Positive Potential
Sometimes I have panic attacks, or feel very frightened or terrified. Rock Rose Bravery
tend to be shy and blush easily. I’m afraid of things I can name. Mimulus Courage
I feel afraid I might lose control and be irrational or hurtful. 
Cherry Plum Composure
I feel apprehensive and fearful but of nothing in particular. Aspen Fearlessness
The safety of my family and friends is a constant worry to me. Red Chestnut Peace of mind
Trusting my own decisions is very hard. I’m always seeking advice. Cerato Decisive
I find it hard to make choices and feel uncertain. Scleranthus Certainty
When I suffer setbacks I feel discouraged and disheartened. Gentian Perseverance
I feel that everything is hopeless. I am pessimistic and feel like giving up. Gorse Hopeful
Everything seems to be too much effort. I can’t be bothered to do things. Hornbeam Face the day
I would like to do something worthwhile in life, but I don’t know what. Wild Oat Direction
Dreaming of the future stops me from dealing with the present situation. Clematis Focused
I think about the past and have regrets. I’m homesick or nostalgic. Honeysuckle Move forward
Things are just drifting along. I’m making no effort to enjoy life. Wild Rose Motivated
I’m emotionally exhausted due to recent mental or physical efforts. Olive Restored
Things are going round in my head and I find it hard to sleep. White Chestnut Peace of mind
A black cloud comes over me for no reason. I don’t know why. Mustard Serenity
I’m making the same mistakes over again and not learning from them. Chestnut Bud Wisdom
I like my own company but sometimes I feel lonely and isolated. Water Violet Balance
I feel very impatient with people and things that move too slowly for me. Impatiens Patience
I hate being on my own. I monopolise the conversation and don’t listen. Heather Good listener
Although I always have a happy face, underneath I am troubled. Agrimony Self-acceptance
I find it hard to say no to people and I’m anxious to please everyone.
Centaury Inner strength
Changes leave me feeling unsettled.  I am influenced too much by others. Walnut Ability to adjust
My emotions are negative. I feel envy, or spiteful or hatred or revengeful. Holly Tolerant
I feel others can do things better than I can. I lack confidence. Larch Confident
I’m overwhelmed by so many responsibilities. Elm Self-assured
I feel there is no hope and my anguish is unbearable. I’ve tried everything. Sweet Chestnut Faith
I’ve had a terrible shock. I have a sense of loss or I’m grieving. Star of Bethlehem Recuperation
I feel sorry for myself, resentful of others success, and embittered. Willow Forgiveness
I don’t give up even if things seem hopeless but I’m now exhausted. Oak Time to relax
Sometimes I feel unclean, or over anxious about with my appearance. Crab Apple Positive self-image
I say sorry all the time even if it is not my fault. I often feel guilty. Pine Respect yourself
I love possessively & demand attention in return. Chicory Selfless
It’s hard to switch off and I’m very enthusiastic about what I do and believe. Vervain Calm & relaxed
I expect absolute obedience as I know better than everyone else. Vine See good in others
The way other people do things makes me very irritated or annoyed. Beech Tolerance
I set myself high standards & stick rigidly to diet, exercise & work routines. Rock Water Inner harmony