Seeds and Plants

Dr Bach always talked to his plants and seeds as he put them in the ground saying, “Be happy with us, we will look after you.” (The Bach Flower Gardener, by Stefan Ball)

Plants live and breathe, taking up water and nutrients so they can benefit from the Bach Flower Remedies at delicate stages of their lives and when they become distressed by disease. For those who garden holistically, the flower essences provide an extra dimension to caring for your plants.

I use the remedies myself and here are some of my blends for plants which are available by post or collection. 30ml bottle collected £10, posted to a UK address £12.50.

Treatment Bottles, 30ml:

Blend 1.   Sowing Seeds

Blend 2:   Potting on Seedlings

Blend 3:  Transplanting Plants

Blend 4:   To Restore Vitality after attack by pests or fungus

Mix 4 drops from the treatment bottle in a hand held sprayer and spray the plant and the soil around it. Spray plants at least 4 times a day.

For sowing seeds, spray the soil in the seed tray or ground before planting and again afterwards and continue to water with the spray as needed.

For potting on seedlings, spray the compost or soil where the will be planted and then spray the seedling and soil 4 times a day.

For transplanting plants, shrubs and trees, mix 4 drops in 500ml of water and water the hole before planting and use the rest to water after planting. Mix 4 drops in a sprayer and spray the plant 4 times a day until established.

For restoring vitality mix 4 drops in 500ml of water and use this to water the plant as necessary. Mix 4 drops in a sprayer and spray 4 times a day.

A little love in a garden is better than a cartload of manure. (Dr Bach)

Top Tip – Add 4 drops of Rescue Remedy to a vase of cut flowersBach Flower gardener